...with love


Meet Jasmine!

Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine Bonner, full time mommy, writer, teacher, and professional dabbler (I love dabbling in new things). I have lived all over, but I am a native of Detroit, MI, currently residing in the Atlanta area.


Since I was young, I have always had a vivid imagination, a creative mind, and a deep love for reading and writing. I began my career as an elementary school teacher in 2014, after graduating from Howard University with a Masters of Education. I published my first children’s book, No Matter What, in 2016, inspired by my first born daughter, Calise (born in 2014).


Took me long enough, right?

I went on to start my own publishing company, Black Ivy Publishing, LLC in 2019, with which I plan to continue to independently publish my books, as well as help others on their self-publishing journey. 


In my free time, I love to read, sew, craft, and complete DIY projects. I currently reside in the Atlanta area with my husband, and three daughters. Our busy and hilarious day to day life is what inspires me to write. 



My mission is to continue to share my stories, all inspired by love. Whether it’s self-love, Parent-child love, sibling-love or ANY love, you can most likely find it in one of my books. Our children, especially children of color, need to see themselves represented in literature AND feel loved.


The books themselves tell great stories, but the experience of reading them with a parent or loved-one is really the most important part. They’ll always remember the stories, but most importantly they’ll remember who read it to them,  and that’s love.